Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walking the Talk

It is said of Gandi that once a woman brought her child to him and asked for his advice.
"My child eats too much sugar and this is very bad for him. Can you help me?"

Gandi thought for a moment and told the woman to bring her child back in a week.

She went home happily, thinking that Gandi would be thinking of some special way to influence the child.

After a week, she brought her child back. Gandi took the child upon his lap, looked in his eyes, and clearly stated, "Dear child it is very bad to eat sugar. Please stop eating sugar now and never eat it again. Do you understand?" The child nodded his head solemnly and slipped off of Gandi's lap.

His mother was perplexed and asked, "If this is all you intend to say, why didn't you say it last week when we were here?"

Gandi replied, "Last week I was not prepared to say this to the child because I also had the sugar eating habit. Only this week did I stop eating sugar altogether. Now I can tell your child not to eat sugar. Before, my words would have been weak, but now that I have stopped, they will have some power because my own example will shine forth, backed by the truth of my actions.


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